Monday, August 21, 2006

Womanly women

News flash: Real men like real women with curves. (Thanks for the scoop, Anne Thompson.) Or, as I have said for years: Real hotties have meat on their bones, lines on their faces and brains in their heads. Also: Anyone who makes another nasty remark about Kate Winlset's dress size should be beaten with sticks.


Unknown said...

Amen to women with curves. Love Winslet and Bellucci especially. If they were waifs, it'd be weird. Plus both are intelligent too, which is a very big plus. I don't want to date a girl that looks like she could pass for a boy in jeans and a t-shirt.

scribe said...

*Yay* I heartily applaud this post. Kate Winslet is NOT even what could remotely be considered "fat," and I don't consider there to be anything wrong with being a fat woman good and proper, but with Hollywood picking on women with bodies well in the average range, it will be just that much longer till women of size get any respect whatsoever, in the movies, or in everyday life, and as a fiesty fat chick, I am so sick of it.

Have you ever noticed that the prevailing rabid watch of actresses weights applies to those considered zaftig, and those considered to be anorexics? These people will never be happy with women's bodies no matter what side they are on! The industry and the unrelenting media bully actresses into reaching unrealistic low weights and then point fingers and say, "Ooo, look who's on 'rexi watch this week". But watch out if you eat either, or there will be a paparazzi pic of you with a greasy burger dripping down your guilty hands. The only way to win the weight wars is to stop playing!